Victorian Horned Owl Pendant Brooch with Garnet, Peridot & Pearl in 14k Gold

$ 2,100.00 

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A Victorian-era watch pin, with a folding pendant bail, modeled in the form of a horned owl with up-stretched wings. The owl is is beautifully realized, with fine carving to represent the fibers in each of his feathers. Between the curving wings, and betwixt his "horns" a large peridot is held in a broad smooth bezel. Small demantiod garnets are scattered, in nested bead settings, across his face and wings, and two more are set into his eyes. A large, natural, saltwater pearl hangs beneath his mouth, like an offering. This is a wonderful and unusual jewel, with a mystical presence— this owl reads like a totem or familiar. For the Victorians owls symbolized wisdom, intelligence, and vigilance. 


14k gold
Demantiod garnet


c. 1900


Measurements to follow


There is a small, vestigal gold loop under the owl's chin, which we have left intact, in case you'd like to be able to suspend a small charm from it. Connections being interesting to the layering crowd! It could be easily removed, if you prefer.