Victorian Double Lion Buckle Bracelet in 14k Gold

$ 1,875.00 

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A late Victorian buckle bracelet, made in 14k yellow gold and featuring a pair of roaring lions in fiery multi-color enamel. These glorious beasts have ruby-set eyes, and their frame is ornate, with luxurious, curling forms. The doubled ribbon that makes up the body of this bracelet is Swiss satin, in deep navy blue. The long, narrow loop, that fixes the ribbon, also attaches to a length of chain and a dog clip that closes the bracelet. This fixture, and the lion buckle, would have been part of a watch fob, originally. This buckle is a rarity, and its condition is exceptional. It is marked for the well known American jewelers Alling and Co.


14k gold
Silk satin ribbon


c. 1900 - 1910


Buckle measures approx 42.3 mm x 23.5 mm. Ribbon width is 1 3/16". This fits an average woman's wrist as-is, and can be moved along the ribbon to customize fit. 


An additional length of ribbon will ship with this bracelet.